KMS group network

The KMS Group are a variety of businesses all housed under one roof. They have traditionally shared a server in the office which was getting old and tired. It was running Small Business Server 2003 which is to be retired in early 2014, so the time was right to make some changes.

The server was replaced with Microsoft Server 2012 so documents could be retained in-house, but a Mid-Size Office 365 subscription allowed the mailboxes to be migrated to the cloud and Office 2013 deployed to all desktops. To ensure the optimum user experience for all staff, the old Windows XP workstations were also replaced with new machines running Windows 7. Now everyone has the same platform.

This solution provides all of the benefits we come to expect from having Exchange mailboxes in the cloud with Office 365:

  • Access the same data from everywhere
  • Reply from one device and see it on all others
  • Mobile access without affecting the office broadband
  • 99.9% Service Levels.

The next step will be to maximise the benefits of SharePoint for data storage

What next?

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