Cloud servers

At Impreza we have been providing hosted services for many years. We have partnerships and investments in multiple Tier 3 Datacentres across the UK hosting many cloud environments, but over the years the method of delivery has changed considerably.

Recent improvements in virtualisation and cloud computing have enabled very resilient servers to be deployed for businesses to replace on premise servers.

Instead of purchasing an in-house server to manage all users, applications and file/print services, we can provide an affordable cloud server to be utilised in the same way without the big upfront costs.

Utilising remote desktop services (RDS), this will provide and enable office and remote users a more efficient working environment. This would also negate the need for users to connect into computers in the office over VPN’s and staff running applications over the internet. 

With a cloud server, users can work within a remote desktop window and because only screen changes are passed across the internet i.e. no application or user data, this is a performance enhancing solution.

A hosted windows 2012 standard server is provisioned and setup to your specification and requirements. Providing a secure, reliable and scale able platform for any business to grow without the costs of purchasing hardware or software.

This final setup can be combined with Cloud Desktops.

What next?

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